Arman Hezarkhani

I am a student at Carnegie Mellon University who is passionate about technological innovation in education as well as the bridge between software and hardware.

About Me


Since the second grade, playing the drums has been an escape for me. I was the section leader of my high school's symphonic band and I've played with the StonyBrook University Wind Ensemble.

Track and Field

I've competed at the New Balance Indoor/Outdoor Nationals and the Penn Relays. I am now a member of the Carnegie Mellon Varsity Track and Field Team.


I started cooking as a chore and soon I began volunteering to cook family dinner most nights of the week. Every time I cook, I try to make a better dish than ever before. I specialize in Italian and Persian cuisine.


The first time I printed "Hello World" was in my 10th Grade AP Computer Science class. By the end of the year I'd gained a huge appreciation for the art of programming and I taught myself Android development.



Up is an android mobile application that I developed for my term project for 15-112: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Up uses the phone's motion sensors, the Google Maps API, location services, and complex algorithms to give the user the experience of having a real life coach. The app coaches the user in real time as he/she runs and then gives a post-run analysis to the user.

Logic Gate Simulator

For one of my assignments in 15-112, I created an interactive logic gate simulator. This program allows the user to drag and drop logic gates onto the board, connect them by wire, and power the circuit. The program also allows the user to save circuits for later use, load old circuits, and clear the board of all gates.

Logic Gate Simulator



For another one of my assignments in 15-112, my friend, Malcolm Fitts, and I recreated the classic video game Tetris. Our program has the same functionalities as the original game including all of the same controls, full row deletion, and score

Carl the Walking Robot

Carl is a robot that I built in high school in a personal attempt to delve into robotics. I used the "Make:it Robotics Starter Kit" and I followed the kit's directions, but the robot was not functioning properly. I did some debugging on the kit's instructions and with some LED's, resistors, and a few lines of code, I got Carl to walk! Later, I added some more functionalities like rear wheels.

Carl the Walking Robot!